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Interactive Learning
The classroom experience can be much more dynamic, memorable and fun for the students today. Interactive classroom solutions include the use of blue tooth wireless technology for school boards, pads, panels, personal response systems, and document cameras for visual presentations.
In addition, distance learning or collaboration for students and academia can be accomplished in remote locations over the existing infrastructure. Through distance learning a teacher can expose students to people, places, and experiences without the traditional restrictions of time limitations or geographical barriers. Educational institutions can more efficiently conduct staff developments for teachers and administrators by bringing together several districts, regions or even countries to discuss teaching methods, instructional projects and assessment strategies.
SSG can recommend and install the right solution for you.

Interactive Learning

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Interwrite™ Board is a durable and easy-to-use interactive whiteboard that comes complete with our Interwrite Workspace Software. The Interwrite Board, available with a Bluetooth® wireless connection, keeps your students focused on the lesson at the front of the classroom. Kids love going to the board to answer questions when they have an Interwrite Board in their classroom.

Interwrite Board

Interwrite™ Cricket is a powerful yet simple to use clicker for students of all ages. From kindergarten to higher education, Cricket "clickers" combine robust RF technology with a friendly look & feel to make real time student assessment practical for any classroom setting. Students can respond to your questions, while the Response software captures their responses.

Interwrite Cricket

Interwrite™ Pad is the original Bluetooth wireless pad for the interactive classroom. Teachers can project their lessons onto the Interwrite Board or any surface to create an interactive whiteboard environment. Teachers love the freedom of being able to use Interwrite Workspace Software and interact with their lesson from their Interwrite Pad from anywhere in the classroom. We have the patent and tons of industry awards to prove there is nothing like it!

Interwrite Pad

Interwrite™ Panel combines the advantages of an LCD monitor with the simplicity of using a pen-input device. Whether you are teaching from your podium using Interwrite Workspace Software or demonstrating an education software program in your computer lab, the Interwrite Panel enables you to interact and annotate while constantly facing your students.

Interwrite Panel

PRS (Personal Response System)
Interwrite™ PRS is an award- winning student response system that combines interaction and assessment to improve learning outcomes. No child is left behind when they can participate by answering questions with a simple click of a button. Choose a radio-frequency PRS clicker, or our new Virtual PRS system. Don't wait until the final exam to see what your students understand. The answers are at your fingertips...actually, at their fingertips.

Interwrite PRS

Workspace Software
Interwrite™ Workspace Software is an interactive software program designed to be used with the Interwrite™ Board, Pad and Panel. Available in Windows®, Mac® and Linux, it contains interactive content and resources for many subject areas including Math, Science, Geography, Language Arts, and much more. Choose from hundreds of Interwrite Lessons, all of which are aligned to state standards, or design your own with the interactive tools available to you in Interwrite Workspace Software.

Interwrite Workspace Software

Document Cameras/Visual Presenters
Document cameras have replaced the overhead projector in both the classroom and in business presentations. They allow the presenter to place anything from a plain sheet of paper to a 3 dimensional object under the camera and display it on a monitor or projector for everyone to see. This eliminates the need to transfer everything over to a transparency.

Samsung Visual Presenter

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