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IP Telephony Solutions
IP Telephony (also known as convergence) allows for the transmission of voice communications over the same infrastructure network used for voice and data.
IP Telephony incorporates a suite of IP-based hardware and software products, including IP phones, media processing devices, voice over IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications. It is scalable for small sites or branch offices to large, multi-site enterprise deployments and can integrate with existing systems establishing full unified communications.
The basic idea behind IP telephony is that it can send a telephone call over the same networks that carry data throughout your company, whether it is a Local Area Network (LAN), a corporate intranet, a Wide Area Network (WAN), or the public Internet. To do so, the technology breaks the sound into tiny digital units called packets, then sends those packets over the network and reassembles them in the correct order on the receiving end.
IP Telephony's value comes in the cost saved on toll calls, voice circuit costs and on telephony system installation, maintenance and use. Converged data and voice networks can lower a business' total costs of ownership by eliminating redundant infrastructure, simplifying administration and maintenance, and consolidating IT staff. This is especially true if a business runs three networks - one for voice, one for teleconferencing and one for data. IP telephony can consolidate all three networks. IP telephony also offers lower application hosting costs, integration between data and voice applications such as e-mail, voicemail and employee flexibility with ease of mobility and remote connectivity.
Advantages of IP Telephony
  • Decrease Costs
  • Simplified Mobility (Add, Move, Change)
  • Increase in Service Options
  • Same Functionality as PBX with Enhanced Features

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