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Media Storage and Streaming
The idea is to take advantage of the existing IT infrastructure in a building, corporation or campus to store, transport and deliver audio/video over a network to computers instead of using traditional A/V cabling, DVD players and VCRs.
An example would be a corporate trainer using the network to "stream" a lesson into global conference rooms that is stored on a server. Another example might be a librarian sending out a DVD over the network to a classroom for student use.
This can save money in numerous ways:
  • No need to install or maintain a Coax Cable System for Cable TV distribution
  • No need to buy multiple displays (one for video, one for computers)
  • A computer connected to a projector can view Cable TV, stored movies or training materials even live internal events.
  • Increased network bandwidth when streaming is not in use.
  • Some media streaming systems score very high for Federal E-Rate funding.
  • Replace aging VCR tapes and avoid purchasing new DVDs
  • Greatly reduce the maintenance cost and required number of VCR and DVD players
  • Material can be securely stored in a RAID array
Media streaming is scalable from a single streaming end point sending information over a LAN to only a few rooms to a very large system that contains video-on-demand servers, multiple streaming cable channels, multiple streaming DVD players and multiple "live" feeds.
A media stream can be on demand or live. On demand streams are stored on a server for a long period of time, and are available to be transmitted at a user's request, like a corporate quarterly earnings report. Live streams are only available at one particular time, as in a video stream of a live sporting event.
The best part is that if you have a network access…you can send or receive a stream.
SSG can evaluate your needs and recommend a solution that will allow you to benefit from cost savings quickly.

Media Storage and Streaming

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