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PEG (Public, Education & Government) Access
PEG Access is a distribution method that provides local community members the ability to distribute their own video and audio content over the cable TV system and the internet.

Single Source Group is committed to providing the PEG Access market with equipment, training and support necessary to produce high quality programming. We make sure to provide PEG Access centers with the latest information on new technologies that can help utilize their time and budget more efficiently. Our design and installation services assure that every PEG Access Center is engineered to their needs while keeping everything under budget. And it doesn't stop there. With audio/video constantly merging with the internet, Single Source Group is ready to provide data network infrastructures for PEG Access centers to assist with their growing needs for the future.

PEG solutions include:
  • Access Centers (New/upgraded facilities)
  • Community Bulletin Boards
  • Digital Video Servers
  • Live Streaming Video on Demand
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Systems
  • Video on Demand

    Additionally SSG provides the following services:

  • A/V Equipment and Workflow Design Services
  • Network Infrastructure Design and Installation
  • A/V Training
  • Phone Technical Support
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Documentation Services

  • PEG Broadcasting

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    Community Bulletin Boards

    Community Bulletin Boards display a series of graphic pages that typically air over your local PEG cable channel when programming is not being broadcast. Community members turn to this channel to find out about local community events, emergency messages, PEG Broadcast program schedules and pertinent information for the community. These graphic pages can also be easily sent to your website for display if used in conjunction with other products available through SSG.

    Community Bulletin Boards can be controlled by a designated computer or via a web based software interface. SSG's solutions have web based interfaces so they can be accessed from any device allowing individuals or groups with varying access permissions to remotely control their content via the Internet. The content displayed could be simple text on a colored background, full page still images, full-motion video, and text crawls across a portion of the frame, with or without audio.

    Advantages of Community Bulletin Boards
    • Broader Reach of Information
    • Easily Modifiable
    • Alternate Way to Disseminate Information to the Local Community
    • Locally Controlled Content
    • Available at Any Time on Your Cable TV & Your Web Page
    • WEB Based Software Interface
    • Password Protected User Accounts
    The technology and products for Community Bulletin Boards are similar to what is used in the Digital Signage market space. The major difference is Community Bulletin Boards are distributed over your cable TV network or over the internet, while Digital Signage applications are generally graphic content sent to one or more displays within one location.

    Digital Video Broadcast Servers

    Digital Video Broadcast Servers are computer servers that store video and audio files that can be recalled through software to play at a time and date designated by the operator. The video files can be stored on the server in several common files types including MPEG2, QuickTime, H.264, Windows Media, DV and others. Most, if not all of the programs you watch on TV today are played off of a video server.

    With the onset of Broadcast Servers, the production crew can now record their program directly to the hard drives in the server while airing the program live and streaming the same content live to the web, if they so choose. Broadcast Servers eliminate the large number of playback decks and cabling previously needed, take up less physical space and minimize human error. The software automatically calculates the duration of the files, so it knows when to end the program once the operator sets the start time. You will be warned if you have a program overlap or if you are trying to put a 60 minute program in a 30 minute space.

    The Digital Video Broadcast Servers SSG sells have web based interfaces so they can be accessed from any where there is an internet connection. Customers can even log into their playback servers from the airport or using handheld devices like the iPhone or iPod Touch from Apple, to make changes to their playback schedule.

    If you feel more comfortable using decks to playback your programs, these systems can control decks as well. The systems either come standard or in most cases can be configured with multiple power supplies, for redundancy. Our systems are RAID 5 so if one drive happens to fail you can swap it out and the system will populate the drive, preventing any data loss. Some of our systems come with a spare drive built in so this back up will happen automatically if there is a failure.

    Advantages of Digital Video Broadcast Servers
    • Minimizes Human Error
    • Takes Up Less Physical Space Compared to Traditional Playback Decks
    • Cleaner Installation Due to Less Cabling
    • Easy to Use Software Interface
    • Manageable from the WEB
    • Mac and Windows Compatible
    • Data Protection and Redundancy
    • Ability to Output different Content to 4 or More Channels Simultaneously
    • Capable of Web Accessed Bulletin Board Functionality
    • Post Same Bulletin Board Messages on Your Web Page Easily
    • Password Protected - Multiple User Accounts with Various Permission Levels
    • Accepts Files from your Non-Linear Editing System
    • VOD or Live Streaming Functions Available

    Live Streaming
    Live Streaming is live audio and video content delivered to a viewer over the internet or a LAN. "Live" meaning that this program is happening at essentially the same time the viewer is watching it. This allows your viewing audience to increase substantially, in PEG Broadcasting & other venues. PEG channel viewing is restricted to constituents in the local town only, via the cable TV system. It also allows all the viewers to receive the information at approximately the same time.

    Advantages to Live Streaming
    • Larger Audience Accessibility
    • Faster Distribution
    • More Flexible Viewing
    • Generates More Visual Excitement for Your Facility
    • Files are Encoded & Uploaded Automatically Based on Your Settings

    Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Systems
    Have you ever had a difficult time finding a large enough crew for a production shoot?

    Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Systems can be configured with one or more camera's that can be panned, tilted or zoomed by one operator using a camera control unit. Typically you have up to 3 or 4 of these cameras either mounted on a wall or ceiling and strategically placed to visually cover the room.

    The Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera system is used in conjunction with a video switcher, character generator, audio mixer and other necessary equipment to facilitate the recording and broadcasting of the content. The equipment used can be either Standard Definition or High Definition, depending on the application.

    Advantages of the Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera System
    • Fewer People Needed to Record and/or Broadcast the Content
    • Eliminates Setup and Breakdown Time
    • Eliminates Cabling Connection Errors
    • Used to Create a Permanent Record of any Event or Meeting

    Video on Demand
    Video on Demand (VOD) is video and audio content that is available at any time. Pay-Per-View is a form of Video on Demand. VOD can also refer to content being viewed over the internet or on a closed local network (LAN) at any time. A user goes to a website, clicks on a video and audio clip and views the content from their computer.

    To accommodate busy schedules VOD allows you to watch content at a time convenient for you. You do not have to be in front of a TV to watch a program or setup a recording device to capture the content, at specific time.

    SSG's Video on Demand Servers can encode VOD files to Windows Media and an iPod compatible MPEG4 file. Using an RSS feed, a viewer can download the file to their iPod, carry it with them and view the file at any time, from their iPod.

    Advantages of Video on Demand
    • Viewable at any time
    • Larger Audience Accessibility
    • Increase Awareness Of Your Facility
    • Files are Encoded & Uploaded Automatically Based On Your Settings
    • More Reliable Than Free Hosting Services
    • Operator Controls the Content & Image Quality
    • Uses existing Ethernet Infrastructure

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